Jan Kish la petite fleur

The Magic Cake Knife

The “Magic Cake Knife” is just that! It cuts a precision slice of cake. I bought mine 34 years ago, the tip has been broken – twice, but it is still the knife that is used more than any other in our kitchen.  A typical cake knife (although aesthetically pleasing) is not practical.  It has a thick blade which displaces the cake, a serrated edge which tears the cake and it doesn’t have the flexibility to bend.  The Magic Cake Knife on the other hand has a very thin blade which slips right through the cake like butter.  It’s very sharp, consequently not tearing the cake, and has the ability to bend, allowing it to turn corners easily. And perhaps the best part of all? You have a fabulous kitchen knife that you will actually use forever! The perfect shower gift!

Magic Cake Knife