Jan Kish la petite fleur

Savory Cakes

Savory wedding cakes? You say to yourself as you’re trying to make sense of the concept. Well yes! A new creative horizon is being born with a variety of applications. The idea was initially spawned from clients with food allergies looking for sugarless, milkless, and eggless cakes. A difficult order to implement for one of these ingredients usually shows up somewhere in the total picture – in the cake, in the icing, in the filling.

So we as bakers continually struggle with substitute products that don’t always yield the desired result. It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round whole. Why does a cake have to be sweet? Why does it have to be cut after dinner? Why not rearrange a few things? So I came up with the idea of a savory wedding cake – a new twist on an old tradition.

The savory appears as a wedding cake, but is served as an appetizer or an hors d’oeuvre at the beginning of the reception with a champagne toast, or in the middle of a cocktail reception. The baker now has a whole new medium to work with while the bride and groom have a very unique wedding cake.

My clients have loved this idea so much that even brides who are ordering the sweet wedding cakes are also ordering the savories as an appetizer for the cocktail hour before the reception begins. The possibilities are endless.